What we do
Promoting the role of cultural activity and creative enterprise in regeneration and community development, DPA provides research, technical support and project development. Our relationships with the people we work with ranges from short term, intensive research and intervention for a few days, to long term, continuous support and advice for public agencies and partnerships.

We work with
• national and local government
• local development agencies and partnership bodies
• creative businesses, cultural agencies, artists, and producers
• universities, and other cultural and educational bodies

We are catalysts and development managers:
• supporting policy and programme development to help strong local cultures to flourish
• understanding how culture and creative activity benefits local and regional economies and communities
• building effective arguments to win support for cultural practice and the creative sector and their role in regeneration and community building
• helping make innovative projects happen
Culture and creative activity where there's growth and change
Cultural buildings help make places work
What's the local culture and creative story?
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